Media Exposure

ROI Through Visibility Fueled by the Only Thing That Matters.

Media Exposures & Endorsements Services

The Power of Endorsements

The Internet has become a shouting match with every company trying to get their message across. This has resulted in an overload of marketing noise and most companies are now finding it harder to be noticed. The answer isn’t to shout louder. It’s to find a more elegant solution. Getting public endorsement not only gives you a break, it gets the attention of your customers and pre-sells them to wanting to work with you.

Earning Google’s Trust

Aside from pre-selling your potential clients and customers, Media Exposure campaign also works to get you on Google’s good side. Because they already trust these large established media sites, your visibility with them gives you associated trust and authority with Google and other SEs (Search Engines). As a result, they trust you and refer you more business sooner than later. Unlike SEO, all this is achieved without sneaking behind Google.

Building Powerful Momentum

A burst of activity is noted but not necessarily acted upon by the search engines because you haven’t shown you’re the real deal yet. But with consistency, you make yourself known and project yourself as a major player in the industry that needs to be taken seriously. This leads to the “tipping point” where the snowball turns into an avalanche of results, activities, and calls.

100% Hands-Off System  

Unlike traditional SEO or PPC campaigns, there is no need to mess with your site. We consult with you to identify the areas on which you want to focus and the geo-area you want to target. Then, you can sit back with a drink and let us handle the rest from start to finish. Might be a good time to plan your next vacation or business expansion.

One Keyword At A Time?

Traditional SEO focuses on targeting a single keyword at a time or a small cluster of keywords. Media Exposure campaign is different because it covers a much broader range of keywords by not focusing on keywords at all, but on overall visibility instead. The result is that you show up for dozens if not hundreds of different combination of search phrases all over the place. So leave the leaves alone and grow the whole tree instead.