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If you don’t know, well-designed logos have a lot of power while anyone can create a nice logo. We want to create brand recognition that is memorable. Colors can send out positive signals. Shapes can express trust, authority, and safety. The right design can lift your brand and form a connection with your audience. Through creativity and consistency, we can shape and reinvent custom logos from scratch.

Creative Logo Designs

ADVSEO is a Chicago -based branding and marketing firm dedicated to preserving the logo design styles of the early twentieth century. We are very proud of being at the top of the heap in branding, graphics, and logo design.

ADVSEO was founded in 2000 and has continued to create custom designs for over a thousand companies by developing visual identities and logos through all means of story-telling. Our distinctive graphic design process begins with research, pencil and paper, measurements, using a wooden ruler, and creativity.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked with and collaborated with thousands of clients from small local businesses to multi-conglomerate global brands. No matter the size, nature, or needs, we are here to help you during the process of creating your brand.

The Best Tips For Choosing The Best Logo Designer

The bottom line, your logo will come to represent your company and your brand like nothing else. Finding the right firm that can create a sophisticated logo takes research, communication, and an honest evaluation of your business and budget. We have gathered some of the best tips for finding the right designer for you and your business.

One – Your Budget

Before you can even start searching for a designing company, you must decide how much you can spend on your design. Keep in mind, just like many other things in life, the more you put into it, the greater the return.

Two – The Portfolio

Most logo design businesses have a website showcasing their work. If they don’t, it’s time to walk away. You should look at their online logo designs in their portfolio and carefully check out their previous work.

Three – Your Story

You should be ready to talk about your company and its story. During your very first logo design consultation, a good firm will ask you to describe the personality of your business, its tone, and what your future goals or aspirations are.