SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization Process of Optimizing Web Pages

The Process of SEO Step-By-Step

Have you ever scratched your head trying to understand why your business is not reaching the top of local search results? Possibly, you paid for Google Ads and still not getting the results you expected. Chances are, you need to learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, commonly referred to as organic search results, is located on each page of the search engine results just below the paid advertising and the Map listings during local searches. Usually, they are the first pages that show up on search engines like Google or Bing that have the most results with your searches.

There are usually 10 organic search results on each page with the most relevant search results decided on each page. The more searches you perform, the less relevant the search will be. The goal for a website is to end up on the top of the organic search results to establish credibility and relevance.

How Our SEO Process Works

The bottom line, the search engines decide the ranking of search results using their own search algorithm. The algorithm is constantly changing and improving as things continually change and we start understanding trends about consumer behavior. That is why ADVSEO follows the entire process of SEO optimization to ensure that your business gets the best, most accurate results. Our process covers the following:

Researching Keywords

We gather a list of keywords that work best with your business. The list of entries will consist of terms and phrases that your customers are more than likely to search for online.

On-Site Optimization

We optimize the content on your site. This is a joint effort between SEO and content marketing because they both determine the best course of action for your existing content.

Local Search Engine Marketing

This is SEO for search engine maps. A big part of Local SEO is making sure your website is visible across various aspects of search engines so your business will show up in maps which is very important. We will log the information that is needed to have your business registered in search engine maps.

Develop Links

Although this step is considered the most underrated aspect of SEO, we will try to adjust the keywords in your website’s URL to accurately reflect the keywords used in our research.

Content Material Strategy

In our partnership with the content marketing team, we will determine what the best type of content material will be right for your website so it will show up in organic search results.

In-Depth Reporting

We will keep a close eye on your website’s progress in organic search results and keep you continually updated on any changes.