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ADVSEO is the US’s newest polling company, offering a full range of traditional and new techniques to deliver valuable insights into public opinion and behavioral trends. Working in sync with our own on-site contact center and our highly skilled team of data analysts, we provide one of the most comprehensive and specialized data collection services available.

Since our foundation in 2000, we have rapidly gained a wealth of experience working closely with a wide range of influential industries. From local governments to multinationals to tech start-ups and think-tanks, we can offer our clients the agility and flexibility of a small business with the quality and professionalism you’d expect from an established industry leader.

Using advanced and innovative research methodologies, we help our clients to establish a thorough understanding of the information they require in order to improve the effectiveness of their decision making processes. Our sophisticated, hands-on approach to intelligence gathering ensures our clients receive the most accurate results possible in an easy to discern package and in a timely manner.

We start by focusing on the political, socio-economic and demographic layout of an area or market to create a clear picture of segmentation before digging deeper for key insights. Our expert consultants can distill relevant information and present it in a focused, user-friendly way.

• Quantitative research – Telephone Surveys; Online Surveys; Door-to-door surveys.
• Qualitative research – In depth interviews; focus groups.

Every individual in the representative sample is contacted directly by us and allowed to express their feedback to our precisely targeted questions in their own way. We never use omnibus polls, paid participants, or third party online research. This means we are able to retain the highest level of integrity and accuracy.