Content Marketing What Not to Do

Author: ADVSEO Editorial Team | February 18, 2021

One of the most powerful tools available to businesses in the world of social media marketing is content marketing. This can be the thing that will make or break any company’s web presence or even business. Understanding how content can improve business, generate more consumers, and raise profits is fundamental to any business. However, plunging into the world of content marketing without knowledge of the pitfalls is a serious danger to any business.

First of all, it is imperative to understand that content should be spread out amongst a number of different platforms. It is important to appeal to a wide mass of consumers, and, in order to do this, one must create different platforms that address different customer’s needs. The World Wide Web brings millions of people from all different walks of life into a place of community, and in order for that community to survive, each citizen’s needs must be addressed. If a social media marketing strategy limits a business to one platform, it will only be able to reach a small fraction of the potential consumer base. In order to have a wider appeal, content should be multifaceted. It should be geared to different groups of people, different ages, and different financial backgrounds.

Another common mistake that many businesses make in their social media marketing is that they focus too heavily on SEO. Search engine optimization is a way to improve a company’s ranking on search engines by utilizing keywords. By creating specific keywords, businesses can garner more clicks and visits. However, in any social media marketing strategy, there is such a thing as too much SEO focus. It does not matter how many people visit a particular site if none of them are interested enough to stick around. Do not underestimate the power of strong content. This trumps even a high ranking on any search engine. If content is good, people will be compelled to share it, and this act will generate a wealth of business. Thus, a good focus on content that draws consumers in will go much further than an overly healthy focus on SEO.

Finally, businesses should never mistake content for advertising. Content marketing is not advertising. Rather, it should be considered a way to inform and educate consumers. Content should make consumers smile, inform them, fix problems, and generally maintain a line of communication between a company and its customers. Content is a way for businesses to share and communicate with customers. This is the social part of social media marketing. If businesses look at content marketing as a way to share and inspire, they will come across as a great deal more human and personable. Strategies with a strong focus on honest, personable, and helpful content tend to be the most successful.

Before venturing into the world of content marketing, businesses should take a long look at what it has to offer. Then, they must create a strategy that will work for them and for their customers. Finally, any businesses hoping to reap the benefits of content in their social media marketing strategy should be wary of and prepared for the pitfalls that befall less focused companies.