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The mission of Advseo is to help every business reach there potential by fostering academic growth, personal growth, and tolerance

Chicago search engine optimization service is easy to describe.

We help you in web promotion.

We take your website and "move" it to the first page of search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN) by defined keywords.

How much is it?

The question is similar to "how much is a house?".

It is impossible to answer without knowing a) location, b) house footage, c) age, d) neighborhood, e)... f)... g)...

The same is here.

The price depends on domain name age, your industry, number of competitors, etc.

let’s say it is pretty much easy to be number one in Google by your name or your company name as a keyword.

However some very common keywords like "cars", "real estate", "insurance", etc. are usually very expensive.

Instead of promoting by very common keywords we'd recommend to use more detailed search phrases like "mortgage in Chicago", "real estate Toronto" or "car insurance California" - they are easier to get, less expensive and bring target visitors to your website.

A visitor interested in an “insurance” is usually not your customer.

Your customer is a visitor requested "auto insurance Florida for Mercedes convertible" (insert your business industry and geographical location into the request).

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